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Oil Spill in Guildford

Many Happy Returns

14th April 2021 – Wateringbury Kent Derek and Marion were called out late in the evening to a swan stuck in a...
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Mr and Mrs Swan

18th March 2021 – Shepperton Mr Swan from Shepperton was admitted this afternoon soaked in cooking oil. His wife was missing and...
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New Recruit

16th November 2020 – Wellington Barracks London Traditionally the regimental mascot is a goat or even a wolfhound but this perhaps this...
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Soggy cygnet

29th October 2020 – Rushmoor We have a new rescuer, Danni, who has been trained recently and operates in North Surrey. He...
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Cygnet Season

October 2020 – Painshill Park and Wembley Cygnets are now turning up in all sorts of places as they learn how to...
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