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Bars do not a prison make

Gunnersbury Park – 19th March 2019 This pair of swans were separated by the width...
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High Flying Gosling Rescue

Walton – 18th March 2019 Every year these Egyptian geese nest high in this tree...
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By Royal Appointment

Buckingham Palace – 5th March 2019 A late night call from the palace. Sally and...
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The Swan Sanctuary’s Fundraiser for Laser therapy

Over the years we have treated many spinal injuiries, it is one of those wait...
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Downing Street Coot

Downing Street, London – 17th December 2018 We have all heard about the Downing Street...
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Swan gets it in the neck

Goldsworth Park Woking – 16th December 2018 Warning some people may find the pictures disturbing....
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