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Swan Fishing Hook Injuries

External Injuries External injury caused by a hook is usually minimal, local abcessation which heals with little or no intervention once the...
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Swan Anaesthesia

Article Published in “The Veterinary Record” April 29 1995 SIR, – I would like to report the success we are having with...
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Commonly Used Drugs

DRUG Trade name / Manufacturer Dose rate Amphotericin B Fungizone, Squibb 1.5 mg/kg tid i/v, concurrently 1mg/kg bid /trachea,and also with Rifampicin....
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Diseases in the Mute Swan

Sally L. Goulden BvetMed, MRCVS The Swan Sanctuary Felix Lane, Shepperton TW17 8NN   I INTRODUCTION This session will review the conditions...
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Rehabilitation & Release

The term rehabilitation is often heard but less often understood. Rehabilitating any wild creature does not simply mean “letting it go”, but...
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Due to logistical constraints, not everyone wishing to care for sick/injured swans will be able to maintain an exhaustive hospital “set up”....
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