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Busy Time

December 2023 – Rescues from Shepperton Lots of activity this month, here are a few that were captured on camera. Ashford Common...
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Recent Rescues

October/November 2023 Various Locations Danni has been his usual busy self and this time of year cygnets are learning to fly, often...
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Danni Round Up

September and October, Surrey Danni has sent us a round up of some of his exploits over the last couple of busy...
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Swan from Hythe, Kent

6th October 2023, Hythe, Kent Steve, Olivia and Anita went out to catch this elusive swan spotted with contamination on its feathers...
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River Medway Rescue

14th August 2023, River Medway, Kent A swan was seen near East Lock, Hadlow trailing a fishing line and so Steve and...
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