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The Swan Sanctuary’s Fundraiser for Laser therapy

charity-logoOver the years we have treated many spinal injuiries, it is one of those wait and see injuires, the most we can do is keep them comfortable.
For the last month or so we have been incredibly lucky to have a ASA Class 4 Laser Therapy lent to us for a trial period.
Sounds a bit scary right?, far from it! the laser helps increase blood flow, keep infection at bay and give cells the tools to make energy faster so healing is faster!
Spinal injuries which would normally take months to heal have healed in a few weeks, Swans who we thought would struggle to move their legs are now standing.
It’s not just spinal injuries but other wounds too, things like dog bites and even arthritis.

So we would like to purchase the laser for permanent use at the Swan Sanctuary but it is a major cost item, £15,000, so if you can help us raise the money to buy this amazing piece of equipment it would be a real benefit to the patients in our care.  Any money left over will got towards maintenance of other medical equipment.

To donate via Facebook please click here or for other ways to make a donation please go to our Help Us Page

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