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November 2021 – Hertfordshire
Mark’s main efforts recently have been catching birds caught up in the Broxbourne oil spill mention in an earlier news article. Tracking down the waifs and strays who left the area after being contaminated has not been easy. Mark found two cygnets in a private garden including the one pictured here.

Oiled Cygnet Broxbourne

In Ware on the 15th November a lady found this swan by the side of the road and took him into her property. These are usually simple rescues but on examination the swan was found to have a broken leg and so is now with us at the Sanctuary for lengthy treatment.

Swan with badly injured leg

Finally this swan had to come to us after Mark found him with a hook deeply embedded in its neck, this one needed the vet to operate to remove the offending article but he is recovering well.

The Swan Sanctuary