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A New Beginning

29th July 2002 – Bartons Point Sheerness
The Swan Sanctuary recently carried out a project on the Isle of Sheppey at Bartons Point near the Coastal Club. This was for a pair of swans who over the last 6 or 7 years have been encouraged to nest on the chalet site in a garden. Sadly this has taken away their natural nesting instincts and they relied on the chalet owners to provide grass and straw for nesting material. Initially the pair would successfully raise their cygnets however the last three seasons have failed with the cygnets becoming fox food shortly after hatching. The foxes now consider this a normal annual treat. In addition the tenant of the chalet sold the property. It was decided to try and get the swans back to natural nesting behaviour on the water. To that end we have built and located a nesting platform on the water covered in their old nesting material. We hope they will use this platform in years to come and once again raise their cygnets successfully, and in the process no longer rely on humans to provide everything they require.

Construction of the raft

Manoeuvring into place

Ready for occupancy

The Swan Sanctuary