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Advice for the Spring

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Spring is here and as it is the time for nesting and young birds to be hatched we thought it might be a good idea to highlight our advice on related items.

1. Swans should not be fed on the nest, it encourages vermin and also upsets the brooding clock of the nesting bird. It is natural for the female to lose around a quarter of her body weight during nesting and this allows her to judge when the eggs should hatch. Feeding her interferes with this.

2. Cygnets will normally remain with their parents until November/December of the year they were hatched although they are big enough to take care of themselves from late September. Up until this time if you see cygnets on their own please do contact us or a wildlife rescue group local to you so someone can come and assess the situation.

3. Other baby birds, please follow the advice from the RSPB which can be found by following this link

4. Egg Hatching Programs for Schools. PLEASE DON’T. If a school your child is attending is planning an egg hatching project please ask them not to do it. There is lots of advice on the web about this, examples can be found by following these links here and here

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