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Another Sort of Train Strike

20th April 2023 – Mytchett Surrey
Unfortunately this female was clipped by a train near Mytchett and was reported to us to see if we could help. The young lady had somehow managed to struggle her way from the railway embankment back to the nest and that is where Danni found her. We would not normally disturb a nesting swan but it was obvious that she was badly injured and when Danni checked her he found her wing had to all intents and purposes been ripped off and she was bleeding badly from the wound. It is unlikely she would have survived long so rather than leave her to die she was brought in for an emergency operation, the cob has taken over nesting duties and we hope he will hatch the babies in his partner’s absence. So far she is doing well.

Injured female

On the operating table

Waking up after anaesthetic

The Swan Sanctuary