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August around Milton Keynes

August 2022 – Milton Keynes area
Helen and Bryan have been kept busy like the rest of us and we have some news of their recent rescues.
This chap is not sticking his tongue out at everyone, he was found to have what must have been a painful abscess on his tongue. He was caught and taken to Tiggywinkles for urgent treatment. He is coming to The Swan Sanctuary until he completes the annual moult and regains his flight feathers.

Not being rude

Helen and Bryan caught this chap after he had been spotted trailing fishing line from a hook caught in his mouth. The hook was removed and the swan was soon back in the water.

Finally another cygnet with a hook in the beak, this one was a bit more elusive and needed the help of Graham from the Waterfowl Sanctuary and his kayak. Another straight forward removal once the chap was caught and released back into the care of his parents.

The Swan Sanctuary