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Aylesford Update Update !

June 2023 – Aylesford Kent
Following on from our earlier post showing the eggs of the pair of swans in Aylesford who desperately each year tried to save their nest and eggs which were destroyed by the tides. The swan sanctuary funded for a platform to be placed, Steve, Adele and Leon built the platform, travelled by boat along the river and placed it where the pair nest each year. The platform has been checked regular over the year and new straw was placed before the breeding season.
NOW THE UPDATE; it has been a success and we are happy to say that after incubating 6 eggs, 5 successfully hatched . For the first year in many this pair have become parents after such heartbreak year after year.
Many thanks to Sarah Brickwood and Olivia Stearns who have supplied photos of the newly hatched cygnets and their proud parents.

Proud mum on the nesting platform

The happy brood

Snuggling down

The Swan Sanctuary