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A bit hard to swallow

13th March 2021 – Hyde Park
We had a report of a swan that had been shot with a cross bow in Hyde park. Head wildlife officer Hugh rushed out to catch the bird and our rescuer Sally set out to assist him. It soon became apparent he had not been shot but was swallowing what we thought was a fishing float. By the time Sally arrived (it is not far but traffic makes it a slow journey) Hugh had caught the swan but it had swallowed the stick.
Sally rushed the bird back to us and gave it an X-ray. We were amazed to see how long the stick was and it was neither a cross bow bolt or a float
Sally the vet arrived and after administering an anaesthetic, a small incision was made and carefully she teased out the stick and 60cm of ribbon. The offending article was a children’s ribbon twirler. The ribbon was greenish so the swan must have thought it was weed. Thankfully the swan is no worse for its experience and will be released once it has fully recovered. Thank you Hugh and the rangers.

Sally the vet with the offending item

You do have to ask, why ?

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