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Black swan abandoned in Liphook

6th June 2017 – Liphook Hampshire

The Parish Council in Liphook contacted the Swan Sanctuary about a black swan which had appeared on their local duck pond. Although it was getting on with the local geese and ducks they were at a loss how it had flown in and from where. When our team when to have a look to assess the situation it was found the black swan was not an escapee or a wild bird but one which had obviously been owned by someone. The wings had been pinioned i.e. end of the wings amputated to ensure the bird cannot fly. This is done to birds which are sold by wildfowl dealers to ensure what whoever buys them do not lose them. Obviously the owner no longer wanted this bird and left it on the pond. We brought the bird back to the Swan Sanctuary and it is now happy amongst the others in our small flock of owners unwanted black swans.

In the black swan flock at the Sanctuary

In the black swan flock at the Sanctuary

The Swan Sanctuary