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Bushy Park Again

19th September 2021 – Bushy Park
The poor family at Bushy Park seem to be continually in the wars getting caught up in fishing tackle. They are getting so used to us they can recognise all the rangers and rescuers so they are extremely wary about coming anywhere near us. It now takes several trips before we can catch a bird to remove the fishing tackle. Despite the fishing rules in the park specifying barbless hooks should be used we have yet to take a barbless hook out of a bird. After 3 days we finally managed to catch one of the two remaining cygnets to remove a hook from its tongue but in the interim the poor chap had also been attacked by a dog and had a very nasty wound on his bottom. This meant we had to take him in to the Swan Sanctuary for treatment. He is responding well but he will be with us for some time so the pair on Heron pond are down to their last baby.

Hook through the tongue and cheek making it difficult to eat

The Swan Sanctuary