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Busy time for Danni

May/June in Surrey
Danni our rescuer has taken time out of his rescues to keep us up to date with just some of the activity he has been up to. it is the nature of what we do that we do not always have action photos of the work so these are just some of what has been going on.
Further to our report of the spill at Sandhurst Memorial Park the birds have now been returned to the lake as both they and the lake are free of contamination.

Free at last

In Yateley somehow a swan family got split up separated by a wire fence Danni managed to get them reunited and they are happily back on the water.

A scene from the Great Escape ?


On the water

Again in Yateley this cob had a fishing hook in the soft part of his beak which was causing a bit of blood but with preening it looks much worse. Danni helped to get the hook free and the swan has eventually washed himself back to white.

If it wasn’t for the blood it would be quite an arty photo

Redhill the female has been in the wars again, she was shot last year and this year has taken a blow to the head, prognosis is good and is due t be released after treatment.

Not happy …..

…. and who can blame her

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