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Busy Time

December 2023 – Rescues from Shepperton
Lots of activity this month, here are a few that were captured on camera.

Ashford Common Water Works, this swan decided to land on the beach that was an empty pond instead of the ones full of water nearby. It was checked out and released with a just a few bruises and a surprised expression.

On the Beach

Lisa with the rescued bird

A double canoe rescue in Camden for this bird on the canal which had a broken wing, probably from a flying accident. It was brought back the Swan Sanctuary for treatment.

Stuck in an awkward to get to place.

Closing In

Swan on board

This cygnet decided Mogden Sewage works was a good place to land so we picked it up and put is somewhere slightly less messy.

On the way for a wash

A heron from Harrow with a broken wing in need of help.

Mr Grumpy

A swan in Shepperton with a hook stuck on the outside of its chest. Detackled and released back to the water.

Shepperton swan with hook

In the ambulance for the hook removal.

This cygnet was not welcome on Gunnersbury Park pond and was being attacked by the adult. Sally and Lisa went to uplift the youngster and put it somewhere it was more appreciated.

Get off my pond

Ready for rehoming

The Swan Sanctuary