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Busy Wednesday

26th October 2022 – Various
Three rescues in quick succession for Danni.
1. A duck in Dorking that had managed to get a rubber band between her beak and over her head making it almost impossible to eat. She was however still quite lively so it took two boats, Danni’s and one from Wildlife Aid and four rescuers to finally get her. Danni, as he is making a habit of, was the one who ended up in the water with the duck in his hands. He is getting his money’s worth out of those waders. Once the offending article was removed she was released back into the wild.

Close up of rubber band

Caught at last

2. A canada goose was discovered at Ifield Mill pond near Crawley wrapped and tethered in nettin. Into the canoe and Danni eventually managed to cut the goose free and return him to the water. This is not the first time wildlfowl have been caught in this netting, twice before the victims had drowned before they could be rescued. The state of the netting has been reported to the council.

Sitting in the canoe

The extent of the netting and ropes holding the goose in place

3. Finally this heron was seen on Swan Lake Sandhurst looking subdued, refusing to move and had been there for a day and a half, it was reported it had been attacked by a dog. Danni caught it and a quick examination revealed it may have been in an encounter with a dog but not before it had been shot, probably with a catapult. The heron was operated on at the Swan Sanctuary and the pellet removed, we hope it will make a full recovery.

The swelling where the pellet struck

The Swan Sanctuary