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Can you Help ?

In the past we have reported on spillages in our inland waterways, especially in London where we have had to rescue swans and other waterfowl that have become contaminated from what has been leaked or dumped into streams and rivers. A campaign was started last year to try and introduce new legislation to stop the dumping of raw sewage into rivers and the sea. Delayed because of Covid MPs are debating the subject in November. The government now has the chance to address the sewage pollution scandal by adopting the Sewage (Inland Waters) Bill. To make sure this happens, we please ask your MP to join the fight to end sewage pollution and support the bill in parliament on the 13th November.
Follow this link to Email your MP and ask them to #PipeUp for sewage pollution! It will only take a couple of minutes and could help to make our waterways cleaner for everyone, not just the wildlife.

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