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Danni has been busy

October – West Surrey
Danni, our rescuer in the Camberley area has been very busy already this month with rescues all around his area. Here are just some of his exploits.
Petersfield – a cygnet caught on fishing tackle, successfully removed and returned to its parents.

Tackled in Petersfield

Lightwater – Pen from the family ended up at the side of the road, its usuall the cygnets who end up lost but it was mum this time. Returned to her family.

Waiting for a lift

Back with the family

Bramley – cygnet taking flying lessons got tired and came down in a private garden. Returned to the family.

Successfully returned

Windlesham – called out by the police to a swan trying to get back to the lake but on the wrong side of the fence holding up traffic. Taken back through the gate to reunite the family.

The Swan Sanctuary