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Danni Round Up

September and October, Surrey
Danni has sent us a round up of some of his exploits over the last couple of busy months.
Down in Copthorne near Gatwick he caught a female swan tangled up in string in her mouth and beak. This was removed and she was returned to her grateful partner.

Pen from Copthorne

Happy Reunion

After a week of trying Danni finally managed to catch this duck at night from his kayak when she was snoozing. She had a hook through her lower beak and tongue so needed to come back to the Sanctuary for it to be carefully and safely removed.

Wounds where the hook was removed

Looking happier than she has been for a while

In Woking this cygnet was caught up in fishing tackle and Danni managed to corner it in a little pond just off the river. The line was removed there and then and it was released back to its parents.

Cygnet with fishing tackle

The offending fishing line

Finally in Southwater Country Park near Horsham this one year old bird decided to back to pay a visit to its parents, and was shown in no uncertain terms how unwelcome it was. There is no going back after University in the swan world and it received quite a beating. It was relocated away from the family with a flock of adolescents and has hopefully learnt its lesson.

Not a happy reunion

Off on a little trip

The Swan Sanctuary