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Definitely not Robin Hood

20th January 2022 – Waverley Abbey Farnham
The staff at Waverley Abbey reported having seen one of their swans with a crossbow bolt it its neck and so Danni went down to try and catch it, unfortunately for us the swan was very active and very wary despite his injury. He spent two days before Sally and Ian also came down with the inflatable dinghy and outboard motor and finally managed to catch the errant cob. At the Swan Sanctuary the vet was able to remove the crossbow bolt which by an amazing stroke of luck had not hit anything vital. Hopefully he will be back with his mate very soon.

Caught at last

Whilst Danni was down there he retrieved 10 aluminium longbow arrows so it would seem this is not just a one off event. The situation has been reported to the police and investigations are ongoing.

Prior to surgery

More arrows found

The Swan Sanctuary