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Dog attack at Bedfont Lakes

Be aware this article contains distressing images do not continue if you are easily upset.

Bedfont Lakes – 14th September 2018

There is no sugar coating what we have been through here today.

At Bedfont lakes on Tuesday the family was attacked by a dog, we can fix dog bites if we know they have happened we unfortunately didn’t get the call until wednesday after the baby had been left in a coat on the path overnight. Once the cygnet had been rushed to the sanctuary we worked hard
to clean its wounds, despite our best efforts the baby didn’t make it.

I’d like to say that this is where our story ends, but i cant. This morning we get a call for the female of the pair, that she had been attacked. When she arrived it was clear she was also a victim of Tuesdays attack. With well over 70% of her back infested in unrelenting maggots (Video in Comments), two staff members spent what felt like a life time ridding her of the worst of them, we settled her in to a pen to rest, with in 20 minutes she passed on.

It was then we decided the rest of the family needed removing so we could check them for injuries, the other Cygents were lucky and sustained no injuries, The male luckily only lost a few feathers and sustained a few minor injuries.This is not the first time this family has been attacked but now maybe this will be the last.

Every case like this gets to us but you learn to cope, today The Sanctuary is covered by a dark cloud because a mother and baby needlessly died afraid and in agony, despite the pain relief.

We debated for a long time about sharing the photos and such, but we wanted you to see for yourself what happens, please if you are squeamish or don’t want to see dont look.









Injuries sustained by the female

Injuries sustained by the female

Cygnet killed in dog attack

Cygnet killed in dog attack


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