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First Cygnets

12th May 2023 – Shepperton
Although the duckling season has been in full swing for some time and cygnets have been hatching around the country for a few weeks now we have not had any cygnet patients until this week.
Three cygnets have arrived, two were found together on their own, one with an injured leg and the third youngster had some nasty bites on his neck, you can just see the bandage in the picture. The neck injury came from being picked up by a crow in Kingston, a member of the public saw what was happening and scared the crow into dropping it. It will be with us now after treatment as it would be rejected by its parents if we tried to re-introduce it.
Swan parents seem to be a lot more attentive of their offspring than ducks, we are inundated with ducklings. If you see a lone duckling with no sign of a mother anywhere after a period of time then please by all means bring it to us. Do not get involved with duck families in an attempt to help them, however precarious it may seem. The duck will fly off and we end up with another box full of ducklings who would have been far better off if they were still with their mum.

One pen of the 2023 duckling population

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