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George and Maisie

January 2023 – Pittville, Cheltenham

The famous George and Maisie of Pittville, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire have been staying with us since they were sadly contaminated with oil on their home lake. They have been washed twice but their feathers have been damaged by the contamination. Their water proofing will take time to recover. As you can see they have an en-suite pen to themselves ( they also have a snug indoor area with straw for the chilly nights. ) and doing are ok otherwise. We aim to get them home as soon as we can.
The local group Pittville Swans and Friends who keep an eye on George and Maisie and the other birds in their area have very kindly set up a fundraising page to help raise funds for the Swan Sanctuary and we are very grateful to them for doing that for us.
The pair have become nationally famous after being reported first on Gloucestershire Live and then on ITV news

Update 11th February 2023. George and Maisie returned home

George and Maisie in their temporary home

The Swan Sanctuary