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Hertfordshire Rescues

Early June 2023 – Various

Mark has been busy as usual in Hertfordshire. This family of Canada geese in St Albans managed to end up separated and trapped in two gardens staring at each other through the fence. Mark reunited them and out them all on the lake at Oaklands College.

…… and the kids

This heron was being mobbed by crows in Willesden and was being beaten up. He was moved on away from the scene of battle.

Behind Bars

This gosling was in a real mess, he had been stuck in ‘gunk’ on the canal at Bourne End, Berkhamsted. Mark fished him out, got him clean and brought him to the creche at the Swan Sanctuary.

A bit of a mess

Fished out of the mess

Cleaner and happier

The Swan Sanctuary