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Hertfordshire Rescues (Contains potentially distressing image)

March 2023 – Hertfordshire

Warning Image of injured swan which may cause distress.

Mark has been very busy but not always in a position to take photos before getting on with the job in hand so here are some of his recent rescues.

1) The main image is a swan who was attacked by a dog from Chorleywood. The owner did contact us and took responsibility but it is a reminder. Please keep your dog on a lead around wildlife. “He has never done this before” does not help the injured swan.

2) Another swan was at Verulamium Park attacked by a dog but this one was already dying from avian flu and had passed away by the time we got there. There is nothing we can do for wildfowl showing symptoms of avian flu. We are not allowed to touch them and indeed the risk to our patients at the Swan Sanctuary from infected birds is too much to contemplate.

Swan with avian flu

3) Mark was called to an injured swan at Springwell Lake in Chorleywood. On arrival it was obvious it was dead and had been attacked and killed by a fox, as can be seen in the photograph.
Foxes will attack a bird’s head while dogs approach from behind and do the damage to the back and wings.

Swan killed by a fox

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