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Locked In

23rd July 2020 – River Lea, Tottenham

Tricky rescue in the lock on the canal by Laurent and Gill. After a territorial fight with the local pair of swans this chap managed to trap himself behind the lock gate. It was too narrow for him to turn around and swans are not very good at reversing. Intially Laurent was using his kayak but it soon became apparent there was no way to reach the trapped bird that way. He had to climb in the water and hang on to the lock gate to affect the rescue. With help from the Canal and Rivers Trust staff the bird was finally removed from its prison and brought back to the Swan Sanctuary. It has been cleaned up and will soon be ready to go back. A video of the rescue can bee seen by following this link.

Update 26th July 2020.

After being checked over and given a good clean the swan was returned to its mate on the canal. A video of the happy event can be seen by following this link



Ready for a good bath

Ready for a good bath

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