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A merry dance to the court of King Henry

22nd November 2019 – Hampton Court

The first call was from a lady who saw the swan leave the river by Tagg’s Island and was walking down the pavement heading downstream on the River Thames. From then on we had a stream of phone calls providing a running commentary from members of the public of the progress of this swan along the A308 as he headed towards Hampton Court. A rescue team was despatched. One particular call from a driver, who we hope was using hands free, who watched open mouthed as the cygnet used the zebra crossing to traverse the main road, obviously taught well by his parents. The final call was from the security guard at Hampton Court Palace gates who reported the cygnet marched in and headed for the newly installed ice rink. By the time we got there he was stood gazing hopefully at the river through the iron railings of the fence. Uninjured he was put back with the flock at Kingston with a tale to tell.

Nearly There

Nearly There



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