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Milton Keynes Rescues

September 2021 – Various Locations around Milton Keynes
Our rescuer Helen has been very busy this past month in and around Milton Keynes. Cygnet flying season is upon us and so they are beginning to turn up in all sorts of places.
So recently Helen has had to deal with: a dead swan at Furzton Lake; an underweight cygnet being bullied by other swans at Bradwell; a cygnet with a damaged leg at Caldecotte Lake; a cygnet with eye problems at Bradwell again and finally a happy ending a swan treated and returned to its partner in Stony Stratford.

Cygnet with injured leg

Cygnet with eye problems

Underweight cygnet having been bullied

This one drowned. Trapped in fishing line round both legs, both wings and hook and line in mouth.

Line taken from the dead swan

The Swan Sanctuary