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Mother and Cygnet Rescued in Molesey

Man saving

We were called to the River Ember in East Molesey with reports of a territorial fight between a pair and a female swan with her young cygnet who had strayed onto the pair’s territory. Sally was despatched urgently and by the time she got there 2 men from South Bucks Diving Services, who were doing work on the river, had rescued the cygnet away from the pair who were intent on drowning the youngster. In the meantime the mother swan had fallen into the weir escaping the attack and was now being battered by the strong flow of water. The workmen were keen to help and so got into their dry suits, Sally present them with a swan bag and gave hurried instructions on swan handling, and into the rushing water they went. The photos show the situation they were in and the video records the moment of rescue. We, especially Sally, are very grateful to South Bucks Diving Services for their public spirited help in effecting this risky and difficult rescue.

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