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Mr and Mrs Swan

18th March 2021 – Shepperton
Mr Swan from Shepperton was admitted this afternoon soaked in cooking oil. His wife was missing and likely to be in the same state. A call was put out on Facebook to try and find her.
19th March 2021. Mrs Swan was found this morning and with some help from locals we were able catch her and reunite her with her husband.
We are working closely with the local Councillors to get this oil cleaned up as soon as possible, with nesting season upon us we need to get this pair home!
22nd March 2021. Mr and Mrs swan made it outside today, they are just waiting for the river to be cleaned up then they can head home!
2nd April 2021 Mr and Mrs swan from Shepperton made it home.
We created a short YouTube video from their stay you can se via this link

Mr Swan Gets a bath

The towel is ready for you sir

The swan in a recovery pen

The Swan Sanctuary