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New Home For Swans in Kent

June 2002 – River Medway Kent

What a way to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee!!!

Giving a pair of mute swans along the River Medway in Aylesford the chance of having a family of their own.

Sadly for the last 4 years a pair of mute swans have been desperately trying to build nests and lay eggs but sadly they never get the opportunity to be incubated or hatched due to the tides.
The pair would desperately swim in circles as their eggs went under water and when the tide receded the female would be seen scooping her eggs together, trying to keep them under her to protect them but the eggs were no longer viable.

An organisation on the Isle of Sheppey had raised funds last year for a floating platform to be placed on the water but the project was never completed by them.

The Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton decided to fund and complete this project to aid these beautiful birds.

We would like to thank Paul Cousins of Peel Ports for giving the go ahead to carry on with the project.

On June 1st The Swan Sanctuary along with volunteers from The Isle of Sheppey and Maidstone set to work placing the platform in the hope the pair of swans would see it and possibly make use of it this season and that it would at least be in place for next year.
The platform was towed down the river and checked to see that it floated correctly with the rising tide, it worked perfectly, rising and lowering so the swans can get on it with ease.

The pair of swans have been named Elizabeth and Philip in celebration of the Queens Jubilee.

They have taken quite a shine to the platform and within 48 hours they have investigated and are now actually using it… an absolutely fantastic result!!!!

The Swan Sanctuary