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No Escape

10th November 2022 – Hogsmill, Berrylands
With the current outbreak of bird flu we are very limited in what we can do but a relocation of a trapped swan into the wild is one thing we can still do something about.
We had a call from the Hogsmill water treatment works about a swan that had been in one of their unused tanks for a couple of days. It was in no immediate danger and had a plentiful food supply, as can be seen from the pictures, so they were originally hoping it might be able to get out on its own. They called us for advice and it seemed unlikely with the steep walls it would be able to fly out. Sally and Ian with help from Liam of Thames Water installed a ladder, climbed down and waded into the tank. Although the water was shallow around the edges it was too deep for the rescuers to venture into the middle, which the swan soon worked out ! They were finally successful and after hauling the bird out of the tank it was released back into the wild.

No Shortage of food

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