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Not Such a High Flyer

14th January 2022 – Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead
8th March 2022 Update full video of the rescue can be viewed by following this link
You know the old adage, the impossible we do at once, miracles take a little longer applies to this rescue. Mark was called out after a swan was reported in a tree near Boxmoor. On arrival he discovered it was well and truly stuck, having crashed into the tree whilst on a training flight. The problem was it was at the top of a very tall tree and even if we did carry around ladders that big, which we do not, it was not safe for Mark to go up alone. He called out Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue to help, they do have the necessary equipment and were ready to help. The climbed the tree as near as possible and freed the swan which then fell into the waiting tarpaulin below. Although the swan was injured he surprisingly did not suffer any major injuries, no broken bones or large wounds. He is now at the Swan Sanctuary and the prognosis is good. Many thanks to Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue for their essential help.

Well stuck

To the rescue

Back safe on Terra Firma

The Swan Sanctuary