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Paddle to the rescue

18th January 2018 – Brooklands Nr Weybridge

Two people reported this swan to us in quick succession. On the other side of the railway line from Mercedes-Benz world is a stretch of water known to locals as Brooklands Lake. The walkers had spotted a swan in distress on the far side of the lake and called us. Our rescue team arrived to see that the swan was indeed stuck to something in the water and the only way to get to it was for Sally to get the canoe out and rescue it from the water. The swan had become entangled in some rope attached to a buoy and it would appear to have been there some time because once it was free it could be seen that the leg was well and truly mangled. Hopefully the vet will be able to save the leg but at the moment it is touch and go.

Closer up we can see the problem

Closer up we can see the problem

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