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PLEASE control your dog – warning contains images which may upset

25th May 2024 – Walton

We were called out urgently this morning by concerned members of the public after they witnessed a horrific dog attack outside the Anglers Pub in Walton on Thames. A dog appearing to be a Staffordshire bull terrier had grabbed a swan by its wing and would not let go. The owner appeared helpless to control it, a member of the public bravely weighed in and finally managed to get the dog off the bird which got back in the water and drifted downstream. Our rescue team arrived shortly after and managed to catch the stricken swan and bring it back to the Swan Sanctuary. It is expected the swan will have to have its broken wing amputated. This is not a rare occurrence, dogs should be kept on a lead near wildlife, we cannot emphasise this enough. “My dog has never done this before” is too late for the animal that is attacked.

In the treatment room

The injury

The Swan Sanctuary