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Please save our young water birds from starvation this winter

With winter arriving we have noticed an unusual  increase in underweight birds this year arriving at the hospital  


Now more than ever our swans and water birds need you. Sadly with many places instigating a no feed bread policy, with no grass to graze on and little natural water vegetation it means the many have gone hungry this summer. Lots of the juvenile swans, geese and ducks we have begun to admit this autumn are seriously underweight and malnourished. Many of these stunted little chaps will not reach their full size potential as the damage has already been done.   Families are moving off earlier this autumn in search of better feeding grounds. This means we have had whole families caught up in territorial disputes as they land in other family’s territories.

Swans eat a variety of foods and lots you might have at home.

-A cheap loaf from your local shop or supermarket or even the last few slices that you wouldn’t eat from your loaf at home (as long as it isn’t mouldy) is fine to feed.  

-Soft green leaves (salad, spinach )

– cereals (cornflakes bran flakes)

They also like wheat or corn including sweetcorn. There are lots of specialist foods available too but they are not always in everyone’s budget.

Please remember any food whatever it is if it is not eaten and left will pollute.


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