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Recent Rescues

October/November 2023 Various Locations

Danni has been his usual busy self and this time of year cygnets are learning to fly, often not very successfully and need relocating to more suitable surroundings.

This cygnet was in Gravesend and was no longer welcome with its family, released locally to a flock.


Somewhere away from the angry parents


These 3 cygnets were still welcome but decided to go on an adventure sliding down the spillway and unable to get back to their parents who had more sense than to risk following them. Danni reunited the family.

That looks like fun.

Now what do I do ?


This low flying swan clipped a house and collected some cuts and bruises after a 4 night stay at the Sanctuary she went back, hopefully she will fly higher next time.

Back on home waters

This cygnet stayed behind when the rest of the family took off on their flying lessons, after 2 weeks on its own Danni went to check it out. Very underweight and underdeveloped, probably the runt of the clutch. Brought back to the Sanctuary to build it up with good food and plenty of company.

Wandering looking for the family, not strong enough to fly

At the Sanctuary

The Swan Sanctuary