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Richmond Park Cygnet

8th June 2020 – Pen Ponds, Richmond Park

We are touched and amazed at the response there has been to the news that a young cygnet was badly injured by a jogger in Richmond Park who chose to kick the bird out of his way rather than run round it. Initially we were not expecting the youngster to make it through the night but at the moment (Wednesday 10th) he is still alive although in a critical condition. He is receiving intensive care, antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs and everyone has their fingers crossed for him. Royal Parks Police (@MPSRoyal_Parks ) have appealed for anyone with information or who may know the identity of the jogger to come forward.

Pictured 10th June

Pictured 10th June


10th June 1600 We are sorry to have to report that the young cygnet passed away a short time ago. Unfortunately his injuries were just too severe to survive. If you have any information regarding this incident please contact 07920 586546 and quote reference 0705738/20.

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