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Rickmansworth Report

September 2022 – Rickmansworth Area
Mark has been his usual busy self and sent us pictures of two of the recent rescues he has been involved in.
This cygnet was spotted just round the corner from Mark’s home looking unwell, not sure what was wrong but the youngster would not come into the bank for food. Mark called on Gill and Louisa to bring the kayak so the cygnet could be caught out on the water. Successfully retrieved he was found to have a spinal injury which is why he was not moving very much. He is now at the Swan Sanctuary receiving treatment and we are hoping for a full recovery.

Out on the water

Safely rescued

Mark was also called out to Rickmansworth to a cygnet looking very similar to the one caught earlier but this one has a suspected case of botulism and was brought in to the Swan Sanctuary for treatment.


The Swan Sanctuary