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St Albans Recent News

August 2022 – St Albans
Mark has been keeping busy as usual, this bunch of wayward teenagers have been giving him the runaround in Verulamium Park by leaving the main lake and coming out onto the River Ver and then been unable to scale the drop back to the parents waiting for them. So Mark is called regularly to return them, hopefully they will soon be big enough to make the return journey on their own.
A video of Mark’s exploits can be seen by clicking on this link

Waiting for a lift

Unfortunately not all stories have a happy ending, this female had to be taken in after she was attacked by a mink, which are without doubt one of the most vicious predators around despite their relatively small size. Whilst with us she succumbed to her wounds so her mate is left on Albans Lake on his own.

Saying cheerio after she was caught

Before she went downhill after the infection did not respond to antibiotics

The Swan Sanctuary