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Surrey in the Sunshine

8th July 2022 – River Mole Cobham and River Wey Guildford
Danni is always busy rescuing wildlife in distress and was busy with two rescue in quick succession.
The pen from the River Mole in Cobham was reported to have a large swelling on her neck so Danni got the canoe out to catch her to bring her in for an examination. The x-ray shows a large mass but no obvious foreign body to cause it. The vet will be operating soon to remove the growth and she will hopefully be back on the river.
He then had to go down to Guildford to retrieve a lone cygnet with no sign of a family. The cygnet is now with us in the ever growing crèche being looked after foster parents ‘Mr and Mrs Bob’.

All secure for transport

X-Ray of the mass

Lone Cygnet River Wey

Spot the cygnet competition ! With proud foster parents.

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