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Swan Rescued after Bird Crash Lands

swan tesco

A swan had to be rescued from a roof after crash landing on top of a Tesco store in Feltham.

Instead of landing on a nearby lake, the male bird instead touched down on the roof of the supermarket.

Armed with equipment and ladders, two rescuers from Shepperton’s Swan Sanctuary headed up to the store and plucked him off the roof after the incident on Wednesday morning (March 11).

Dot Beeson, sanctuary founder, said supervisor Sally Thompson and Steve Knight scaled the roof and managed to capture the bird.

“He was fine,” she said. “He must have miss landed unfortunately as there’s a small lake across the road.

“It’s silly season for swans at the moment, they seem to be landing here, there and everywhere; in cul-de-sacs and in people’s gardens. It happens around moulting time.”

Ms Beeson said the pair checked him over and, as there was already a pair on the nearby lake in Feltham, brought him back to the water at the charity’s Felix Lane base.

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