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Some swans just don’t want to be helped

30th January 2020 – The Lagoon, Welwyn Garden City

We were called out because a whooper swan had flown in to the lagoon and was being attacked constantly by the resident pair. The locals were worried that the pair might eventually kill it as it did not seem to be able to fly. It might not have been able to fly but it could certainly swim and, as it turns out, run quite well. The lagoon is quite shallow so the dinghy had to be rowed rather than using the engine. The whooper led Mark, Ian and Sally on a merry dance. Once they managed to corner it on the water it promptly leapt out, ran at speed along the path and back into the water at the other end, heading back to the safety of the trees in the lake. So after several more manoeuvres, getting the canoe on the water as well and getting out the chest waders the bird was finally captured. The rescue team ended up cold, wet, muddy and not in the best of moods but the swan seemed to be quite content and none the worse for the experience.

Can't catch me :-)

Can’t catch me 🙂


In custody at last

In custody at last

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