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The Jet Set Life

September 2022 – Various
Danni has been all over the place recently. The main photo shows a swan at Gatwick Airport that decided to land graze on the lush green grass on the apron. Danni managed to tempt it way from the aircraft with the offer of food but then the bird departed via Runway 087 Right, destination unknown.
He was also called out to the Basingstoke Canal at the end of the runway to Farnborough Airport to this swan with a puncture wound in its head. The swan was the heaviest we have seen this year at 12.6kg and it led Danni a merry chase. When he finally caught it it need another dip in the water for Danni and to add insult to injury it ripped holes in Danni’s waders before it was under control. The big brute is recovering well at the Sanctuary.

Off to the Sanctuary

Holy waders Batman

Fortunately for the final rescue Danni did not have to get into the water, which is just as well as it was sitting in a sewage inlet tank in Reigate. It was quickly wrapped up and transported back to the Swan Sanctuary, with the car windows open, for a good cleaning.

Wrapped up

Ready for Transport

After a good wash

The Swan Sanctuary