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The Last Cygnet

29th September 2021 – Bushy Park
We reported recently about the problems in Bushy Park and yet again we have to report yet another dog attack. This time it was on the remaining cygnet to the pair of swans who have made their home on Heron Pond. The park ranger caught the cygnet and brough him to the Sanctuary for treatment and ongoing care. The cygnet will be with us for some time. This pair of swans started with 5 cygnets, over the few months since they hatched they have now all had to come to Swan Sanctuary because of their injuries. We have asked the park authorities to do something about the situation and we would urge concerned local people to do the same. Nothing seems to happen these days unless there is a public outcry on social media.

The Last cygnet of 2021 from Heron Pond, Bushy Park

The damage done

The Swan Sanctuary