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Time for a refreshing dip

20th September 2022 – Watercolour Estate Redhill
Not all rescues go according to plan and Danni took a dip on this one when his kayak capsized ! He is a skilled paddler so was soon back on the case. These two cygnets had been turned on by their father and were being attacked. We would expect this to happen much later in the year when it is time for the cygnets to leave their parents and then only if they refuse to leave. So Danni brought them to the creche at the Swan Sanctuary where they can learn how to fly in less traumatic circumstances.

Tucked up in the kayak


Danni also rescued an adult bird from the Grand Union Canal in Alperton where he was looking poorly but still had a bit of go in him. Sadly he passed away after being admitted to the hospital we suspect yet another case of botulism brought on by the hot weather.

Just after rescue

On arrival at the Swan Sanctuary

The Swan Sanctuary