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Truss’s Island Staines Upon Thames

21st October 2021 – Truss’s Island Staines
This has been mentioned before in our news but this week we have been called out twice this week to collect dead swans in the car park at Truss’s Island. They had both been run over by cars in the car park. Despite signs asking people not to feed swans from their cars they continue to do so and so not suprisingly the swans now associate cars with food. Not being nimble creatures they then cannot get out of the way quickly enough when approached by a moving car in the car park with tragic consequences. We assume the people who ran over these birds did not see them, they certainly did not report what had happened as they were discovered by other passers by. If you feed the birds then it must be because you want to help them but doing so from a vehicle puts them at risk of their lives. If you see someone doing this please point out the consequences of their actions. It is not a long walk or even a push of the wheelchair from the car park to the water and it is much safer for the birds.

Hit by a car

The driver who did this probably didn’t even know it was there

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