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Since the mid l970s there has been a dramatic rise in the public interest in the veterinary treatment and rehabilitation of wildlife casualties, and subsequently a parallel increase in the number of ” Wildlife Hospitals” and individual “carers” to complement this interest.

In an attempt to alleviate some of the problems “The Wildlife Hospitals Trust” produced a voluntary “Code of Practice” for wildlife cares that was sanctioned by the “Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons” and this has proved a valuable broad base for people to work to.

Some species encountered have such individual requirements, that in order to attain an optimum level of care, specialisation and species restriction must be considered the most beneficial approach to adopt: as in the case of the Swan Sanctuary.

Need for a “Swan Code”

“The Swan Sanctuary” is the UK’s largest and most experienced facility specifically equipped and catering for the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of swans. We are the only purpose built complex that can provide “state of the art” veterinary facilities on site 24 hours a day and our hospital based rescue team demonstrates a very high degree of expertise backed up with a full range of rescue equipment, including powered inflatable boats and veterinary ambulances. WE SINCERELY BELIEVE THAT “THE SWAN SANCTUARY” IS AT THE FOREFRONT IN ALL ASPECTS OF SWAN CARE.

Although we are very happy to provide encouragement and support to those who show a genuine desire and commitment to help swans in distress, the Sanctuary feels that there is a need to maintain an acceptable standard of practice.

The Swan Sanctuary