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News and Stories

Coxes Lock Cygnet

14th September 2020 – Coxes Lock, Addlestone We had been trying to catch this chap...
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On the banks of the Mole

13th September 2020 – River Mole nr Hersham This chap had been seen on the...
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Mink at Large

13th September 2020 – River Wey Navigation, Send Called out to this poor little chap...
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Unintended Consequences

10th September 2020 – Weybridge Warning possibly upsetting images A rower from a local rowing...
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Canned Duck

8th September 2020 – Enfield We had a few calls about this unfortunate duck which...
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Bushy Park in the wrong place

7th September 2020 – Bushy Park It looks like this chap missed his landing and...
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